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How to Feel at Home While Travelling

Before I started travelling full-time, I moved house more times than I’d like to count! So, the concept of creating a new home every month or so isn’t far off what I’ve already grown to know as my norm. They say, “home is where heart is” and while I agree, I still maintain practices that help every new space I settle into, however briefly it may be, feel just that little bit more “homely”.

Energy Setting
One member of my current travel tribe carries crystals with him wherever we go and performs a crystal mapping ritual if we feel the energy within the house needs realignment. I’ll then concentrate on visualising positive intentions for spaces throughout the house, like setting an area for creative production or quiet corner for meditation.

Fill the Bathroom
While I can accept living out of my suitcase if there is no closet to unpack in, having my own bathroom is non-negotiable. A bathroom is such an intimate space, so I find filling it with my belongings instantly settles me in.

Make a Meal
On our first day in every new space, I always find the quickest route to the grocery store and set of on foot to get familiar with my surroundings as I plan our first nights’ feast. Being Italian, I’ve always enjoyed preparing meals with my family, so I keep this tradition alive and cook for my travel tribe.

Personal Touches
I always like to add or change something obvious in the room to reaffirm my influence and control over my space. This could be walking into an Airbnb house and rearranging the furniture, or something as simple as placing positive affirmation post-it notes all over the back of the bedroom door.

Travelling doesn’t mean you’re giving up your home, it means you’re creating a new one everywhere you go! I’m always excited to see the next place I can unpack my bags and find new and creative ways to make it my home. 


By Justine |