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How to Find Your Inner Peace in a Busy World

This modern world we live in has us conditioned into seeking instant gratification and answers to all our life’s questions. We’ve structured our lives down to the very minute and constantly try to convince ourselves we don’t have time for the things that truly matter to us.

There’s no denying we lead busy lives, and much of this hustle and bustle around us compounds our daily stress. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others and beating ourselves up every time we don’t have ourselves together as well as the person next to us.

So, how do we find our inner peace in this busy world?

Firstly, we need to honour our own process.

Self-acceptance is the first hurdle we need to jump over, and while it’s usually the largest one, once we can master this, every hurdle after seems much smaller. Be gentle and kind with yourself and accept that you are still learning. You wouldn’t get frustrated and impatient when teaching a toddler to tie their shoes, would you? Honour your process with the same patience and kindness.

We must also acknowledge and accept that we must surrender control to things external to us. Peace does not come from trying to control every situation, every influence and every decision. Trying to control everything external to us displaces our focus from ourselves. If we do not wholly and solely focus on controlling our own thoughts, words and actions and assume this responsibility, then it’s easy to “lose control” and succumb to stress.

Once we accept this responsibility, we can then learn to honour and express our truth. One of my favourite lines, taught to me by my mother, is “Say what you mean, and mean what you say.” It’s simple and powerful, yet scarcely practiced.

If we can learn to cycle through these core fundamentals of self-acceptance, self-control and speaking our truths, with patience, love and kindness, we can find peace and calm ourselves in any environment.

By Justine |