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The Power of Breathwork: Unlock the Natural Healing Process Within

This modern world has provided us with new tools and technologies to help and heal us through almost any obstacle in life but with all our technological advances, people are still searching for basic and natural techniques to alleviate stress and sickness in our bodies and minds.

Breathing is our first natural subconscious action when we enter our physical world, yet few people understand the relevance and effects our controlled breath can have on our minds and bodies.

Studies have revealed that by consciously controlling our breath patterns we are able to relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety and improve our physical health.

The practice of Breathwork incorporates insights from Eastern spiritual practices, psychology and anthropology, and is a simple yet powerful means to activate our natural internal healing process.

The Breathwork procedures are based on simple inhalation and exhalation exercises that can be performed in group settings or private one-on-one sessions with an experienced Breathwork guide. Breathwork sessions vary in practice, each with different effects, and session times can range between 45 minutes, up to 3 hours. Many participants claim remarkable effects on both their bodies and minds, such as feeling all the tension dissolve in their body, having incredible amounts of energy, feeling heighted sense awareness and improvements in their emotional state.

As we enter this new age of self-awareness and self-discovery, mastering our basic human functions could be the key to unlocking a greater insight and understanding of the true potential of the human body and mind.

By Justine |